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Join us in keeping our community safer without sacrificing your privacy – join the Community Camera Sharing Program. Click here to register your camera system for free!

Community Camera Sharing Program

  • Get more from your home/business security camera system and help your community at the same time.
  • Registration for home and business security camera systems is FREE regardless of which type of camera system you have.
  • The free registration simply tells us that you have a camera system so we can contact you and request footage as needed.
  • Help solve crimes without leaving the comfort of your own home – simply share the requested footage.
  • Following your free camera registration, you may choose to upgrade your security infrastructure by purchasing a CORE device from Fusus. The CORE device will enable you to stream live video (of your choice) directly to the FCSO once it is installed on your network.
  • Camera-streaming allows our deputies to arrive at your home/business with more information about the situation, ultimately keeping you safer.
  • Click here to register your camera system for free!

Real Time Intelligence Center (RTIC)

  • RTIC is a centralized technology center that assists in gathering, analyzing, and investigating intelligence in order to more effectively deploy resources.
  • We are the first Sheriff's Office in the state of North Carolina to have its own RTIC.
  • Multiple unique software programs work together to provide deputies with comprehensive intelligence.
  • RTIC not only aids in identifying crime patterns but also ultimately prevents crime, ensuring a safer community for all.
  • RTIC staff members are able to relay information to deputies real-time while they are responding to a call.
  • Investigators can request information from a wide network of community stakeholders.
  • The RTIC was initially funded by federal-forfeiture-dollars and not tax-dollars.

Text-A-Tip: 336-920-8477

  • You can now anonymously send text, photos, and videos directly to us via Text-A-Tip.
  • It's as easy as "see something, text something!"
  • This multi-media platform uses a third-party to ensure all submissions are anonymous.
  • You choose how much information to share about yourself, if any.
  • Each tip is evaluated by our Investigators.
  • Help solve cases and prevent future crime by sharing information directly with us.
  • Text us anonymously at 336-920-8477



RTIC is an investigative tool that allow us to collaborate with community members to create a safer community.

RTIC Text-A-Tip

Text-A-Tip allows you to anonymously send information (text/photos/video) to Investigators at 336-920-8477


How we use technology and our RTIC to keep our K9s safer!

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