Community Court Services

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Community Court Services

Community Court Services (CCS), a program of the Sheriff's Office, is focused on jail diversion and rehabilitation. Our mission is to reduce recidivism by fostering self-reliance. We accomplish this by addressing unemployment, homelessness, food scarcity, substance abuse, mental health, transportation needs, and other challenges. We provide case management and referrals to community resources.

More importantly, we provide accountability which helps ensure success. For participants who are ordered to attend, we document their efforts to reach court-ordered objectives. If a participant is failing to meet the program requirements, we work directly with the individual to correct the situation and also inform the relevant courts.

Who is Community Court Services for?

Community Court Services primarily serves individuals whose lives are impacted by involvement in the criminal justice system, but is open to anyone in the community seeking assistance.

What happens when I want to join the program?

Each new participant goes through an initial intake interview. This interview is designed to identify risk factors or potential roadblocks between individuals and self-sufficiency. Then an individualized plan is developed outlining a specific road-map of success for each participant.

How do you achieve excellence? Mindset, Discipline, Commitment, Consistency.

Some of the risk factors we screen for and address are:

  • Unemployment
  • Education
  • Homelessness
  • Food Scarcity
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Reliable Transportation

Services Offered

Case Management

Participants are held accountable by being required to check in two (2) times a week with a Community Court Services Officer. During this time, they receive the latest leads on potential jobs, continuing education, and other opportunities.

Employment Readiness Classes

The classroom located in the Community Court Services Office is used to teach participants how to write a resume, craft a cover letter, and practice interview skills.

Computer Lab

The Community Court Services Office is equipped with a computer lab for on-site job searches, building resumes for participants, continuing education, and other related business.

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Community Involvement

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