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FCSO Deputy Sheriffs

The FCSO is a full-service law enforcement agency. Deputy Sheriffs fulfill diverse assignments, including Patrol, Narcotics, Civil, Courtroom, School Resource, Sex Offender Registry, Investigations, and various Special Teams. Deputies must exercise independent judgment and discretion in diverse situations, and show considerable tact and confidence when dealing with the public. Deputies must be self motivated and unwavering in their performance as they work to deter crime and protect the citizens of Forsyth County. Training is provided to all Deputy Sheriff’s to help prepare them for the hazards of law enforcement.

Minimum Requirements

Every Justice Officer employed or certified in North Carolina shall:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be a high school graduate, or the equivalent (GED)
  • Be fingerprinted (Provided by FCSO)
  • Have a medical examination by a licensed physician (Provided by FCSO)
  • Produce a negative result on a drug screen (Provided by FCSO)
  • Not have previously committed or convicted of a felony
  • Not have committed or convicted of a Class B Misdemeanor within the last 5 years
  • Not have committed or convicted of any combination of 4 or more misdemeanors in a lifetime
  • The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office does not discriminate on basis of sex, pregnancy, race, color, religion, nation of origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability unless a bonafide occupational qualification exists.

Deputy Sheriff Responsibilities

  • Protects the citizens of Forsyth County.
  • Patrols assigned areas, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws of North Carolina based on general statutes.
  • Responds to calls for service, answers complaints and requests for assistance, provides emergency assistance.
  • Gathers and preserves evidence, makes arrests, and testifies in court.
  • Prepares reports on criminal activities and services rendered to the community.
  • Cooperates with law enforcement personnel of other governmental agencies in investigations and arrests.

Deputy Sheriff Starting Pay

$44,531.50 ($20.15/hr)


Contemporary equipment, generous paid time off, take home cars for specific positions, modern workout facilities, training and conferences, uniforms and footwear provided, plus County benefits.

Pay Incentives

Offered for prior law enforcement service, prior active military service, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and bilingual ability.

Prerequisites for Deputies

Applicants for Deputy Sheriff must meet ONE of the following three criteria to be eligible for consideration:

  • Possess Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Certification from the State of North Carolina
  • Currently be enrolled in a BLET program
  • Currently seeking BLET Sponsorship from the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office (See FCSO Sponsorship Requirements)

Hiring Process

The employment process generally takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete; however, applications may remain active up to 6 months. The employment process will end upon failure of any step in the process and/or the discovery of unacceptable information.

  • Physical Fitness Test (PFT): Deputy Sheriff POPAT (Guide and Instructions)
  • Standardized Test (Administered on the day of PFT)
  • F3 and Biographical Assessment
  • Thorough Background Investigation and verification of Criminal Records
  • Credit Check
  • Interview(s)
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Drug Test
  • Medical / Psychological / Cognitive Skills Examinations (Administered by FMRT)

Note: All applicants should read the Physical Fitness Test Guide and Instructions in its entirety. A waiver and release must be signed prior to testing. See Waiver and Release.

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Potential Opportunities

There are many specialized opportunities for Deputy Sheriffs, including:

School Resource Officer (SRO)

  • Maintains order and security on school property during both normal hours and special school sanctioned events.
  • Conducts criminal, non-criminal, and drug investigations in cooperation with school administration.
  • Serves as the school’s safety specialist, a community liaison, and a positive role model for students.
  • Provides professional law enforcement assistance to parents, students, and school administrators.


  • Investigates all categories of major crimes against persons and property.
  • Serves as the law enforcement liaison for victims, witnesses, and others involved in each investigation.
  • Plans and executes surveillance, undercover, decoy, and raid operations.
  • Interviews witnesses, questions suspects, and conducts line-ups.
  • Utilizes specialized resources and technology.
  • Maintains thorough documentation in reports and gathers data to identify trends and patterns.
  • Gathers and preserves evidence, apprehends suspects, and prepares cases for prosecution.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

  • Provides skilled, tactical responses to high-risk and critical situations, including hostage situations, armed/barricaded subjects, high-risk arrests and/or warrant services, and dignitary protection.
  • Maintains superior personal physical fitness levels, marksmanship scores, and service records.
  • Participates in rigorous team trainings, including use of the latest gear and weaponry.
  • On-call for activation anytime an incident presents significant risk to law enforcement officers and/or the public.

Community Policing Deputy

  • Serves as the law enforcement liaison for individual citizens, businesses, and town administration within the assigned township.
  • Functions as the primary law enforcement presence within the assigned township by answering calls for service and conducting criminal investigations.
  • Provides crime prevention awareness and training in response to specific requests and documented trends.
  • Participates in community and service projects.
  • Builds relationships with citizens and invests in the community through interactions and direct involvement.

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Unit

  • Assists with tracking and capture of suspects and searches for lost or missing individuals.
  • Provides perimeter patrols and support at incident sites.
  • Conducts surveillance operations.
  • Assists property owners with complaints of criminal trespassing in inaccessible areas.
  • Participates in public relation and community service events.
  • Assists local, state, and federal agencies as requested.

Civil Deputy

  • Serves court-ordered civil processes on individuals and corporations.
  • Assists individuals seeking procedural information regarding civil matters.
  • Maintains of a variety of civil documents and records.
  • Makes civil arrests, seizes properties, and conducts auctions on foreclosed properties.
  • Assists patrol deputies by responding to emergency calls.
  • Serves restraining orders as well as provides assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Court Security Deputy

  • Protects judicial staff and the public inside the Forsyth County Hall of Justice.
  • Charges and arrests individuals per Orders and Warrants for Arrest.
  • Ensures a secure environment for court proceedings, including opening/closing court, and maintaining order in the courtrooms.
  • Seats, assists, and escorts jury members, including grand juries.
  • Maintains custody of and monitors arrestees and inmates in the Forsyth County Hall of Justice.
  • Assists patrol and civil deputies when courts are closed.

K-9 Handler

  • Responds to calls for service and deploys canine partners in criminal pursuits, searches, tracks, apprehensions, and drug operations.
  • Maintains certification through North American Police Work Dog Association.
  • Responsible for the continuous training, maintenance, and boarding of canine partners as well as his/her own physical fitness.
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable regarding North Carolina General Statutes, agency policy, and current case law as applicable to law enforcement canines.
  • Completes and documents rigorous monthly training requirements including obedience, tracking, evidence searches, building searches, aggression control, area searches, and narcotics identification.
  • Assists local, state, and federal agencies as requested.

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