Our Vision



The Vision of FCSO is to enhance the quality of life and sense of community in Forsyth County by providing effective criminal justice services that are guided by integrity and compassion, and supported by the trust of those we protect.

Our Mission is to ensure the security of life and property, prevent crime and disorder and enforce the laws of North Carolina and the United States.

Our Strategy is to identify and deploy best practice methods, incorporate them into our policies and procedures and engage in continuing education.

Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr. was elected to office in 2018. His passionate commitment to serving others, coupled with his diverse career experiences in law enforcement, give him a unique vision for fulfilling the duties of the Office of Sheriff. 

Born and raised in Forsyth County, Bobby graduated from North Forsyth High School before earning his undergraduate degree from High Point University. Bobby began his law enforcement career in 1984 as a Police Officer for the Winston-Salem Police Department. In 1987, he became an Arson Investigator with the Winston-Salem Fire Department while serving in the role of Assistant Fire Marshal. He then moved to working with high-risk offenders at the North Carolina Department of Probation and Parole.

From 1995 to 2016, Bobby served the United States Department of Justice as a Special Agent in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He specialized in investigating crimes against the government, including organized crime, money laundering, gang violence, and drug trafficking. Various certifications, including Department of Justice Instructor, and his abilities as a speaker of the Spanish language afforded him the opportunity to work extensively throughout the United States of America.

With more than thirty (30) years of law enforcement experience, Sheriff Kimbrough brings his professional experiences and personal passions to projects close to his heart. An active community leader, he founded Branded for Knowledge, a program focusing on strengthening, empowering, and encouraging individuals to reach their full potential. As the first African-American Sheriff of Forsyth County, Bobby plans to improve the relationship of the agency with the community by continuing to build bridges and enhance the work already being done by staff members.

Even in light of his numerous accolades, Bobby considers being a single parent raising seven (7) boys as responsible, respectful young men to be his absolute greatest accomplishment.


Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr.
Forsyth County Sheriff

Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr. was elected in 2018 and is proudly serving Forsyth County.

Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr. was elected in 2018 and is proudly serving Forsyth County.