Deputy Johnson's Training Saves Life

Deputy "EJ" Johnson was sitting in his car, working on paperwork, when another car pulled in beside him. In less than 15 seconds, Deputy Johnson was in a deadly force situation as a couple exited the vehicle and the man began to stab the woman repeatedly. Due to their close proximity, Deputy Johnson made the split-second decision to tackle the man. When asked about his actions, Deputy Johnson said "As soon as I processed what was happening, I reacted. Thanks to my training, I was able to stop the man immediately." The woman is recovering from her critical injuries and the man faces charges for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

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One of the specialized branches within the Enforcement Bureau is the K-9 Unit. In addition to meeting regularly for state-mandated training purposes, FCSO’s specialized unit far exceeds the minimum training requirements to ensure our Unit is as well-trained as possible. With training locations and exercises rotating regularly, these officers (dogs included) are able to train themselves for every type of situation which may arise over the course of a shift. FCSO is proud to have this group of talented officers and elite canines be a part of our larger organization and act as another valuable piece of what makes us One Team with One Mission.

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As part of FCSO’s continued outreach and development program, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new website! Throughout the site you’ll find a wide variety of useful information about our facilities, history, positions and career advancement opportunities. Additionally, be sure to take some time to explore the great collection of photo and video content which gives an inside look into what makes Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office one of the best law enforcement agencies this state has to offer! 

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