We believe in a comprehensive and ongoing approach to training. Every team member of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office is fully vetted, trained, educated and mentored with on-the-job skills to ensure we are an example of what a community-based agency looks like.

The firearms training facility is a private, state-of-the-art space dedicated to law enforcement training. The space includes two separate ranges of varying distances, each with its own gun cleaning stations. Educational spaces are also included in the facility for workshops and additional training.

A modern-day addition to the training regimen is the training simulator, where officers are placed in a variety of settings and circumstances and must react appropriately in real-time. Technology allows officers to use a variety of items from their duty belts, and the video content changes moment-to-moment in response to officers’ decisions.

Versatile in-house educational facilities allow the agency to offer state-mandated training on-site. A variety of courses and schools, utilizing both in-house and outside instructors, are conveniently hosted internally. The continuous emphasis on training and education allows team members to grow professionally and focus on career advancement all while becoming well-rounded individuals.

Multiple modern exercise facilities are available for all team members 24/7 and include weights, cardio and cross-fit equipment, showers and locker rooms.